Online Courses | 온라인 강의

Online Courses | 온라인 강의

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Courses have changed my life. Not the courses that you take in college because someone tells you it's an easy A+. Not the ones that are mandatory to get enough credits to graduate. But the ones that I have stumbled upon when COVID hit and I had to learn to navigate the online world for my English coaching practice.

From an English coach I became a Notion Ambassador, a YouTuber, a course mentor, a Twitter lover, and an online creator.

I would argue that this has been possible thanks to an incredible community of learners and creators I’ve met through my online learning journey. It is in these course communities that I’ve had some of the most inspiring and rewarding conversations in the past few years. New opportunities and strong friendships were born.

I want to use my personal channels to advocate for this type of learning: communal, ungraded, and self-motivated.

Below are some of the courses I’ve taken. Say hi if you are a fellow classmate or alumni!

A course review section is coming soon



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