About | Monica Lim



I’m a project manager and creator based in Seoul. I’m leading business development in Korea for LottieFiles, the leading community platform for designers and developers who create motion graphics using the new Lottie file format.

Previously I worked as a Career and English Coach, helping professionals improve their communication skills and accelerate their career.

Two careers ago, I worked as a project manager in construction projects and I was involved in business development for large multinationals. I’ve worked both in the US and South Korea. I helped open a new company branch in Chile.

Having lived in Argentina, US, Spain, and now in Korea, I have turned into a multicultural social butterfly. I’m curious and love meeting new people. With over 5 years of project experience in multinationals and 8 years in personal development, I’ve turned into a parachute. I set up systems to be resourceful, figure things out and safely land anywhere.

I’m also raising two little humans, eight and seven.

These days, I am exploring side projects and personal creation pursuits. There are so many things I wish I had learned sooner. My goal is to share what I now know so you too can multiply your potential, starting today.

My Focus

◐ Writing

One of the most essential skills these days for any and all jobs, writing has become my focus for the past two years. Trying to do more of it so I can get better and reduce the gap. I write essays and I also have a brand new newsletter. Sign up to join my learning journey with Ungraded!

◓ Adult ADHD

Recently diagnosed and ready to learn more about how my brain works so I can minimize self-sabotage.

◒ Online Courses

I love learning online through courses and the communities around online learning. It’s fascinating how much you can unlearn and relearn, by tuning in to the right frequency online. I’ve taken courses on productivity, presentation, writing, and making small bets online. Check out my course stack HERE.

◑ Notion + Knowledge Management

As a Notion Ambassador and huge fan of this tool, I like teaching people how to use it and implement it in their lives. I have a YouTube channel with Notion tips in Korean



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